Friday 31 May 2013

A Very Late Lunch at Minah Restaurant

The good old unpretentious Minah Restaurant (CNB 2013) 

Restoran Minah is a must when you visit the foodie heaven of Pulau Pinang. I know, I know it is not one of your favoured mamak nasi kandar ori(ginal) place, but this restaurant serves the best Malay food ever. Maybe I am biased because Minah and I go back a long way ... to 1976 in fact! When the restaurant catered for my wedding kenduri (feast) in the days when it was 'lima ringgit satu kepala' (five ringgit pax).
Minah Restaurant has an open kitchen concept from as far back as I can remember. It is very much a family run restaurant, named after their matriarch,who passed away in June 2011. I remember her quietly going about supervising the staff, some of them her own children and/or their spouses. Somehow the food has remained unchanged over the years - very delicious and authentic Malay fare. I also remember the many, many times the family dined here, also our tapau (takeaway) for buka puasa, and the celebratory treats with work colleagues.

During our recent weekend rendezvous (sebut betul-betul!) in PP we headed for Minah Restaurant for a late, late lunch on Sunday. If you are early, the food is at its freshest. But then parking is a great big hassle. Anyway, the four of us had mutton korma (M's favourite, ja-ye shoma khali), acar (cucumber, carrot, onion & chili 'salad'), fried mixed vegetables, bergedil,  fried chicken, ulam (herbs) with sambal belacan, ikan rendang asam, kerabu (kacang botor, etc salad). Being late, we missed our other favourites of the rojak/pasembur, fish curry, beef and potato curry, sambal tumis ikan bilis & petai, and chicken soup.

The acar that goes so well with mutton korma(CNB 2013)

The fried chicken and special yummy sour sauce (CNB 2013)

 B & I

A & F
26th May 2013

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