Wednesday 29 May 2013

A Big Breakfast at Gelugor

Pasar dan Balai Rakyat Gelugor (CNB 2013)

We used to live in Gelugor (Pulau Pinang) for nearly twenty years during my working stint at USM and A & B's growing up/schooling years. Gelugor Market at Taman Tun Sardon was a very convenient place to go for our food needs. Marketing early in the morning there called for breakfasts at the adjacent Astaka's gerai-gerai makanan (food stalls).

During our recent weekend trip back to the Pulau, we could not help but revisit this market and Astaka. This time around, we started on the other side of the road, at the apom manis/telur (sweet pancake) push cart run by Indra. She has been in this business for nearly three decades and makes the most delicious pancakes. We bought ten pancakes, of which six were eaten hot and fresh from the earthen cookware! Next was Pak Arshad's nasi dalca 'bawah pokok', to eat and also to take away (for 'sleeping beauty', you may know who).

Then we crossed over to the market area and the first thing we looked for at the food stalls was the serabai. Most unfortunately the stall was closed. So I settled for another favourite, the roti canai and a teh tarik. B had to have her usual favourite of kwayteow soup and a newly recommended ketam (crab) sandwich. Actually here at the Astaka, there are 101 food/dishes to choose from and they are all delicious.
Note to self: I have to return for the serabai of course, also for the roti jala, capati, nasi lemuni and nasi campur, etc., etc.

Indra making apom manis/telur (CNB 2013)

The ever popular roti canai stall (CNB 2013)

After our hearty breakfast, B and I went into the wet market just for a 'look see, look see', for old times sake. Most of the vendors we used to frequent are still around - at the fruit, fish, egg, vegetable, meat, grocery stalls. Some do still remember us, but some have forgotten. C'est la vie ...

B at the vegetable section of Gelugor Market (CNB 2013)

The egg stalls (CNB 2013)

Mazlan cuts up ikan pari/sting ray (CNB 2013)
26 May 2013

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