Tuesday 7 May 2013


PTPM staff  (199?)

During my working years at the Universiti Sains Malaysia in Pulau Pinang, I was a librarian, mostly at the Main Library or Perpustakaan Utama (later named Perpustakaan Hamzah Sendut; after the first Vice Chancellor of USM). But for a good number of years I was also with the Pusat Teknologi Pengajaran dan Multimedia/Centre for Instructional Technology and Multimedia (previously the Pusat Teknologi Pendidikan dan Media/Centre of Educational Technology and Media, which started as the Unit Teknologi Pendidikan/Educational Technology Unit). Err ... have I got you confused already? Never mind, even some of the USM folks are, about all the name changes that happen when an educational unit becomes a centre becomes a department becomes a school/faculty!

With the Media Library Staff: Hasan, Annanda & Shidah

Anyway at the CITM, I worked at the Media Library, mostly dealing with the lecturers and future teachers. If our library meetings (at the Main Library) were quite sedate, the meetings here were quite an eye-opener for me. I never knew that educators could be quite a riotous bunch - in a nice way.

The Director of CITM plants a tree for the renovated centre

One very traumatic if not unforgettable event was a fire that razed the building, and destroyed the library almost totally! So we had to move to a temporary place until the building was renovated and the library collection built up again from scratch.

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